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Sunday, 19 April 2015

Video: Nigerian Boys in Durban, South Africa mobilize to Fight back the Xenophobic Attacks.. must see!


For many Africans, South Africa represents a land of
opportunity and a haven of tolerance, but a wave of
violence has tarnished this image and sent foreigners
fleeing for safety. Foreigners have fled for safety from a
recent eruption of xenophobic violence in which at least five
people have died, shops have been looted and torched, and
South Africa’s reputation as a haven of tolerance for the
tired, the poor, and the huddled masses of a turbulent
continent has been shaken.
“The fabric of the nation is splitting at the seams; its
precious nucleus – our moral core – is being ruptured,” the
Desmond and Leah Tutu Legacy Foundation said this week.
South Africa is to many Africans what America represents
to many around the world: an escape, a fresh start, a land
of opportunity. When gold was discovered in Johannesburg
in 1886, it was soon being mined by men from a dozen
African nations. Today the country is a magnet for
Congolese, Ethiopians, Malawians, Mozambicans,
Nigerians, Somalis, Zimbabweans and others fleeing
conflict or seeking to improve their lot. Estimates of
immigrant numbers vary from 2 million to 5 million, out of a
population of 51 million.
But the recent wave of xenophobia has tarnished this image
and fuelled resentment among those who accuse South
Africa of an arrogant exceptionalism that looks down on the
rest of the continent.
Worst hit is Durban, South Africa’s third-biggest city. In
response to these attacks the fairly huge Nigerian
community in Durban has organized themselves into a force
of resistance to these xenophobic attacks. In this video they
are seen sharpening machetes and chanting slogans.
Please watch the video and also endeavor to share this
video with your friends on Facebook and other social
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Omg! So Sad: A foreigner’s child attacked in South Africa (Graphic Photo)

They are now attacking children? That’s crossing the line
and not cool at all.
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Neighbours ignore lady who fainted because of her alleged wicked ways(Photos).. Is That Fair? See..

According to reader who sent these photos the
lady on the floor named Bukky had been
tormenting her neighbours and stopping them
from fetching water from an uncompleted
building they reside in at Jakande Estate, Isolo
Church street.The water was put there by a
good Samaritan,but she happened to have been
living there before the new neighbors came
..They have tried to make her see reason but
she always locks the tap.They even went as far
as reporting her to the police but no action has
been taken yet .
They tried to fetch water this morning and she
tried to prevent them again and got into a fight
with an Igbo married lady .The woman pushed
her out of the way,she fell,stood up,then
According to him,because of her wickedness,no
one tried to revive her,they left her there and
continued to fetch their water..(as you can see
in the photo)..
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Wow Photos: Sexy Amber Rose Ditches her Bald Look for Long Hair.. You Like?

Amber Rose, 31, is famous for her blond buzz cut, but the
beauty last night switched things up by rocking long hair
which she showed off on her IG page. Compare what you
see above, guys with her former hairstyle, which do you
think is hotter? See a second pic
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Photo : Latest Victim Of Angry gods Attack In Ode Irele Ondo State Dies In Hospital

Another victim of angry gods attack in a remote village in
Ondo state has died.
One of the latest victims of Malokun goddess attack has
died of the strange illness that killed over 28 people in Ode
Irele community, Ondo state.
Spiritual cleansing ritual has been conducted in the place to
appease the goddess.
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Photo : Police Allows South African Looters To Steal From Foreigners Shops

Check out some police officers walking away as some South
African citizens loot a kiosk owned by a foreigner who must
have run for his/her dear life following the brutal
xenophobic attacks carried out by the locals.
These police officers are supposed to be in charge of
protecting properties and lives of foreigners but they’re
doing the opposite.
The shameless South African looters didn’t even respect the
name on the kiosk… abi dey no know the meaning of
Madiba again??? It is very sad.
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South Africans frustrating us out of the country, sending death threats - Nigerians cry out

Nigerians living in South Africa have cried out against the
xenophobic attacks on Africans in parts of the country.
Itunu Bodunrin, who on Monday had attended his master’s
degree graduation ceremony at the University of KwaZulu-
Natal, Durban, told newsmen that he was unable to leave
the school campus afterwards due to the violence in the
Bodunrin forwarded a text message to Nigerian journalists
which, according to him, had been circulated among South
African residents via an instant messaging mobile
application, WhatsApp.
In the message, signed by several groups, including the
Patriotic Movement, Pan Local Forum, Unemployed
Workers Forum and Anti-Crime Movement, Nigerians and
other African foreigners were warned to leave the country.
It read in part,
“Dear neighbour from Africa and other parts of the
world, we have travelled the world and have not
found one country that allows the floods of humans
across its borders as South Africa is experiencing.
Even in war-torn parts like Syria, Ukraine, Yemen
and Somali.
“We were seven million people in Johannesburg city
in 2011. Today, we have an estimated 13 million. In
Johannesburg alone, you have taken over entire
suburbs: Yeoville, Berea, Bez Valley, Turfontein,
among many. You have even moved into rural parts
of our country that have 80-per-cent
unemployment, and there are no visible signs that
you have jobs either.
“We want to be proudly part of the geographic
construct called Africa, but we are as different from
one another as Kenyans are from Nigerians; Ivorians
from Chadians, etc.
“We are pleading with you to return to your home
countries. Go and build up those countries so that
we can all live in economic, social and political
prosperity and peace as neighbours. The genocide
in this corner of Africa will be far worse than what
happened in Rwanda in 1994. Then the entire
continent will be condemned to ashes. Is that what
you want?
“South Africans not fully employed or who were
found guilty of crimes, were recently repatriated
from Nigeria and rightly so.
“Our people are preparing for war against all
foreigners (from Bulgaria, Pakistan and Bangladesh
to Africa, north of the Limpopo) and we are all very
scared. Please go home and build Africa. Millions
will die if you don’t. This we can guarantee.”
Similarly, Samson Ojako, a master’s degree student
studying Mathematics also at the University of KwaZulu-
Natal noted that looting had been rampant for over a week.
“Those that opened their shops were attacked by the Zulu.
During all of this, those of us on campus were warned by
the school management to stay indoors. They said no one
should leave the school premises, especially during the
Ojako noted that a large number of Zulus often migrated
from their villages into town on weekends in order to launch
attacks on non-nationals.
He likened the last one week to life in a refugee camp,
saying that those living on campus could not go out to
shop for food.
“A lot of people are living in fear, especially the ladies. Even
for us who are guys, last week, we had to move in groups,”
he said.
Olawale Olawepo, another Nigerian studying for a doctorate
degree in Industrial Organisation and Labour Studies said
the school authorities also warned students against taking
public transportation.
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News: President Jonathan orders ₦2 Trillion election funds refund, audit

Following the defeat suffered by President Goodluck
Jonathan and his party, the Peoples Democratic Party,
during the March 28 and April 11 elections, the President
has asked the party and government officials who handled
campaign funds to refund monies not spent, or those not
judiciously expended.
Jonathan, credible sources said, has also set up a
committee of five to get those with the funds to return
Sources within the party and government told our
correspondents that President Jonathan was disturbed that
despite giving campaign coordinators, ministers, special
advisers, close aides and friends, support groups and
traditional rulers over N2trn in cash, most of them could
not deliver their polling booths and local governments.
The President was said to have been further irked by the
results of an investigation he ordered. The probe showed
that some coordinators used campaign funds to buy very
expensive properties, especially in Abuja, and luxury cars.
Some of the funds have also been traced to the bank
accounts of senior party and government officials who were
charged with the disbursement of funds to voters and
A reliable source within the Presidency revealed that one of
the President, who recently admitted to a few close aides
that it would be difficult to retrieve all the funds, was bent
on getting senior party and government officials who
received funds to account for all monies collected.
The source who is a close associate of the president said
monies given to traditional rulers in different parts of the
country, for example, would not be demanded for. But the
source was quick to add that the President was determined
to get his ministers, close aides and special advisers to
make refunds.
He said, “Some ministers did not get less than N20bn each.
None of them can deny it because this fact isn’t hidden
within government circles. The only problem with such
monies is that there is no receipt to show that they
collected money. The sad part is that almost all of them
performed woefully. Even in the states where the PDP won,
some ministers could not deliver 100,000 votes. They could
not mobilise their people to come out. The President is not
happy. They all went property and car shopping. This was
the most expensive election in the history of this country,
yet there was no result.
“The sad part was that even after the President lost on
March 28, more money was given to all of them to make up
for the dismal outing by winning their states during the April
11 elections. But that turned out to be a bad decision
because apart from losing the governorship election, we
didn’t perform well at the National Assembly and House of
Representatives polls.
“They must give an account of the money since they didn’t
use it for the election. The President is not particular about
the funds spent on genuine campaign needs like the hiring
of jets, advertisements and the rest that also cost billions of
naira. His focus is on the individuals that collected billions
to deliver their states but couldn’t even win their polling
Sources gathered that apart from the N20bn given to some
key ministers and senior special advisers, especially in
states where the PDP hoped to capture from the opposition
All Progressives Congress, some pro-Jonathan support
groups received about N16bn.
A former legislator who was to print five million recharge
cards, T-shirts and base ball caps has also come under
pressure to account for the billions she received because
only a few people got the items she was paid to produce.
Also, a top female politician in Lagos who got a contract to
produce and supply thousands of mobile phones with pro-
Jonathan messages was said to have produced just a few
and pocketed most of the funds.
It was learnt that the funds Jonathan released were
disbursed in three phases. Some were released before the
March 28 elections, others on the day of the presidential
election and more before the April 11 governorship polls.
Already, the committee of five has started asking some of
the campaign coordinators and ministers who received a
minimum of N20bn each to give an account and also refund
residual funds where applicable.
However, our correspondents learnt that most of the people
who received the funds had not cooperated with the
committee. While some have not been forthcoming, others
have simply ignored the committee.
Jonathan is said to be particularly focusing on the South-
West and northern states.
In Lagos, a popular PDP chieftain who lost in his polling
booth reportedly received $50m in cash a few days before
the governorship elections.
A senior PDP party member who spoke to newsmen in
Lagos over the weekend confirmed the cash splurge in
The source said, “Lagos was a show of shame. A few days
to the governorship poll, about $150m was received in cash
by about five top campaign coordinators. But they failed
again, even more than we did in the presidential poll
because we lost some areas we won on March 28 to the
APC on April 11. They were to share this money to the local
governments and the masses.
“Please understand me, I am saying that the sum of $150m
was just for the governorship election in Lagos. We are not
talking about the sums they got for the presidential election.
Only one out of the five people that shared the money gave
some of it to local government chairmen. This person
disbursed about N2bn. The rest of them sat on the money.
“The coordinator that collected the sum of $50m later went
to a Federal Government agency and complained of not
having enough funds for the election and got an additional
$20m. The story is the same in almost all the South-West
especially Oyo, Osun, and the northern states. A female
minister from the North, who got the highest amount of
funds for that region, lost her state in a shameful manner.”
Confirming that campaign directors in different parts of the
country had been asked for an audit, the PDP Campaign
Director in Akwa Ibom, Mr. Idongesit Nkanga, said the
instruction was not new.
He stated that the PDP’s campaign organisation in the state
had concluded its audit.
“It is the normal thing. It is the right thing to do for
transparency’s sake,” he said.
Nkanga said he would not be able to comment on the
refund because he did not collect money from anyone.
According to him, the PDP’s campaign organisation in Akwa
Ibom State received a letter for an audit from the PDP
campaign headquarters.
He explained that “because the letter emanated from the
national headquarters of the party, they were under
obligation to submit the audit report about the campaign’s
expenditure to them.”
He maintained that at the campaign headquarters, some of
the information was available, adding that he would not be
able to give out accurate details offhand to avoid possible
conflict in the figures.
Asked what sanctions would be meted out to defaulters,
Nkanga said they might be prosecuted.
However, our correspondent reports that prosecution, while
not impossible, may be difficult as most of the monies
disbursed were not receipted.
Contacted, the national leadership of the ruling PDP said it
did not know anything about the money spent on its
presidential campaign.
National Publicity Secretary of the party, Mr. Olisa Metuh,
stated this in an interview with one of our correspondents in
Abuja on Saturday.
Metuh said only those put in charge of the funds were in a
position to account for the monies.
He said, “The national leadership of the PDP is not aware of
any campaign fund. We were not part of it and therefore we
can’t be asked to account for what we didn’t know anything
“There was a campaign committee and only the committee
is in the position to account for any fund.”
Efforts made to speak with the Director-General of the PDP
Presidential Campaign Organisation, Sen. Ahmadu Ali were
Ali, a former national chairman of the party, did not pick his
call and also failed to respond to a text message sent to
Similarly, efforts to get the Presidency’s reaction did not
yield any result as calls made to the telephone line of the
presidential spokesman, Reuben Abati, as at 10.30pm did
not connect.
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News: President Zuma begs foreigners to stay in South Africa

President Jacob Zuma on Saturday pleaded with foreigners
to stay in South Africa as he cancelled a state visit to
Indonesia to deal with a wave of deadly xenophobic
violence at home.
Three weeks of escalating anti-foreigner violence in South
Africa have claimed at least six lives and forced more than
5,000 immigrants to seek refuge in makeshift camps.
The unrest, which began in the eastern port city of Durban
before spreading to other parts of the country, carries
echoes of the xenophobic riots that gripped South Africa in
2008 when 62 people were killed.
In the latest incident, police on Saturday said a foreigner
died of stab wounds in Alexandra, a township north of
Johannesburg. The impoverished area was the focus of
much of the day’s violence, with officers firing rubber
bullets to disperse looters.
More than 30 arrests were made overnight Saturday around
Johannesburg alone.
Under pressure to avoid a repeat of the 2008 bloodshed,
Zuma travelled to Durban to visit a camp for foreigners
displaced by the violence, but he faced a hostile reception
from the crowd, which yelled “go home, go home” and “too
late, too late”.
“As government, we’re not saying to you ‘go away’. It is not
every South African who is saying ‘go away’. It is a very
small number of people who say so,” Zuma said at
Chatsworth camp, where he presented a cheque of 50,000
rand ($4,100) to help the victims of xenophobic victims.
He vowed to end the unrest and sought to assure the crowd
there was a place for foreigners in South Africa. “Even
those who want to go home, they must know that when we
have stopped the violence they are welcome to come back,”
Zuma said.
The South African leader had been scheduled to fly to
Indonesia on Saturday, but he announced he was scrapping
the trip “to attend to matters at home relating to the attacks
on foreign nationals.”
The decision came as alarm grew within South Africa — and
from the United Nations and foreign capitals — over the
Neighbouring Zimbabwe, Malawi and Mozambique have
announced plans to evacuate their citizens.
Reflecting international concern, the United Nations High
Commissioner for Refugees said most victims targeted “are
refugees and asylum seekers who were forced to leave
their countries due to war and persecution.”
– ‘Pray for peace’ –
The violence has been largely blamed on a speech last
month by King Goodwill Zwelithini, traditional leader of the
Zulus, in which he blamed foreigners for South Africa’s high
crime rate and said they must “take their bags and go”.
The king has since said his words were misinterpreted.
As the crisis raged, Zuma urged all churches to pray for
peace and friendship on Sunday.
“We know that the majority of our people believe in human
rights and peace and that they respect the dignity of all who
live in our country,” he said in a statement late Saturday.
“They know that where there are concerns and differences,
these should be resolved the South African way, through
dialogue, and not through violence and intimidation.”
The violence has sparked angry responses in other African
In Mozambique, a group of about 200 people on Friday
blockaded the southern Lebombo border with South Africa,
stoning South African vehicles.
In Zambia, a privately-owned radio station has stopped
playing South African music in protest against the
xenophobic attacks.
And in the Zimbabwean capital Harare, demonstrators
marched to the South African embassy to condemn what
they called the “senseless and gruesome slaughter” of
fellow Africans.
Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe also condemned the
violence on Saturday, expressing “a sense of shock and
South Africa already grappled with a wave of anti-foreigner
violence earlier this year. In January, foreign shopkeepers
in and around the vast township of Soweto, south of
Johannesburg, were forced to flee and six were killed as
looters rampaged through the area.
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News: Jonathan Personally Called INEC Returning Officers to Rig and Increase His Votes To Win

According to their
findings, President Goodluck Jonathan played a direct role
in efforts to rig Nigeria’s presidential election that took
place on March 28, 2015, including placing telephone calls
to pressure returning officers to alter vote tallies.
The extent of effort to rig the polls for Jonathan and the
outgoing president’s direct role in the scheme, emerged
from interviews and tips offered by electoral officials,
security agents, foreign and Nigerian election monitors, and
members of the president’s own party - the PDP.
Weeks before the election, as Jonathan’s internal pollsters
warned that his reelection prospects looked dire, the
president and his inner circle of associates approved
several measures to rig the elections...
Investigation by Sahara Reporters revealed that these
included massive deployment of soldiers to several states
in Nigeria’s southwest to help intimidate voters
sympathetic to the APC, the redeployment of police and
other security officials to ensure that those who favored the
incumbent president were assigned to “politically tough”
states, and the movement of massive amounts of cash to
designated states to entice both voters and opposition party
agents to swing their support to Jonathan.
When all the steps failed to deliver enough votes to the
president, Jonathan and his inner circle went into panic
mode once collation of results began. At the end of the first
day of election collation by INEC, as it dawned on the
president’s team that he was headed for defeat, Jonathan
sent retired Colonel Bello Fadile to shop around for any
judge who would give an order to stop the collation.
A judge told Sahara Reporters that this effort largely failed
because the Chief Judge of the Federal High Court had
warned other judges to refrain from entertaining such
controversial and potentially incendiary election-related
cases . The one judge Mr. Fadile thought he could count on
pleaded that he had left Abuja for his hometown for Easter
Once the plan to use judiciary to scuttle the collation
collapsed, Mr. Fadile recruited ex-Minister of Niger Delta
Affairs, Godsday Orubebe, to lead the role in a plan to
physically disrupt collation of results.
Mr. Orubebe drove into the collation center with two heavily
armed men believed to be Niger Delta militants. Once Mr.
Orubebe arrived at the International Civil Center (ICC), of
the collation venue, the Department of Security Services
(DSS) withdrew its security detail clearing the way for Mr.
Orubebe’s thugs to foment mayhem. The agency also
jammed the Internet service at the center, making it near
impossible for reporters at the venue to access the Internet.
Our investigation revealed that what saved the day was the
refusal of the Nigerian police at the venue to accept the
order to withdraw from the venue. The police commanders
at the collation center demanded an official letter from their
Inspector General if they were to leave, arguing that their
posting to the venue had been done via an official letter.
“ We said it would be unwise to leave [the collation center]
without a counter letter or signal from our headquarters,”
one of the police officers told our correspondent.
As Mr. Orubebe began his disruptive action, Usman
Abdullahi, an aide to INEC chairman Attahiru Jega, sent
text messages to a few notable Nigerians as well as some
Western diplomats alerting them to the possibility that the
armed men who accompanied Mr. Orubebe would abduct
Mr. Jega. Sahara Reporters saw a copy of the text
Mr. Jega’s calm response to Mr. Orubebe’s antics, as well
as the refusal of the Nigerian police personnel to quit the
ICC, foiled the plot to abduct the INEC chairman.
Mr. Jega remained on his seat for the better part of the
day, refusing to leave the table even as he declared short
breaks to await the arrival of election returning officers
from various states.
Sahara Reporters learned that several of the returning
officers were flown into Abuja on a presidential jet.
However, the jet made unusual “disappearances” and
curiously long delays in bringing in returning officers from
the South South and South Eastern states. One of the
Presidency sources said the president ordered a delay in
flying in the returning officer of Borno State by at least four
hours. The president figured that the poll results from the
state would widen Mr. Buhari’s lead, giving Nigerians and
the global community a clear picture of the APC
candidate’s decisive and irreversible domination of the
presidential polls.
While the returning officer from Borno State was
abandoned at the Air Force base in Maiduguri, the returning
officer from Delta State presented figures that temporarily
seemed to boost Mr. Jonathan’s electoral fortunes .
Several sources disclosed that these delays were part of
President Jonathan’s tactical game. President Jonathan
made frantic calls to several returning officers from the
South South and South East urging them to bump up his
final figures to enable him win by at least 500,000 votes
against his rival, Muhammadu Buhari. At the time of the
president’s calls to returning officers, Mr. Buhari was
already leading by at least three million votes according to
authentic results published by Sahara Reporters the day
before Mr. Orubebe’s meltdown at the ICC.
A source at the Presidency confirmed to Sahara Reporters
that President Jonathan personally reached out to at least
four returning officers to ask them to inflate presidential
election figures by several hundred thousand votes to
enable him win the elections. In one instance, the source
said, one of the returning officers told the president that the
number of accredited voters was not up to the figures
Jonathan wanted him to present to INEC. According to our
source, the president remained unfazed. “ Just declare the
votes, I will take care of the rest ,” the official quoted
Jonathan as stating.
Our sources at the Presidency said Jonathan was counting
on the usual tactics of using corrupt judges in the Court of
Appeal as well as Supreme Court to uphold the outcome of
fraudulent elections.
The sources also revealed that Sahara Reporters played a
critical role in frustrating the president’s rigging plan by
publishing the unofficial results of the presidential polls
based on accurate compilation of results called at various
state collation centers. “When your website published the
results, there was little or no room to maneuver,” one
source at Aso Rock said. He added that Mr. Orubebe’s
reference to the publication of the election results was
actually a reference to Sahara Reporters’ accurate
representation of the polls tally from across the country.
Our source said that, having been convinced that President
Jonathan could pull off a victory by manipulating figures,
some of his ministers and party officials began celebrating.
For instance, a junior minister for Foreign Affairs, Musiliu
Obanikoro, tweeted that he wished to be the first to
congratulate Jonathan for emerging victorious. Also PDP
spokesperson, Olisa Metuh, spoke on Channels TV, urging
the APC to accept defeat and behave peacefully [in
anticipation of the rigging] .
In the end, President Jonathan and his team came to terms
with the reality that no amount of hanky-panky could
secure victory for them. Jonathan’s much-praised
acceptance of defeat was not part of his original design,
according to sources close to the president. They said
world leaders had inundated Jonathan with calls
demanding that he accept the outcome of the polls. The
calls were intensified as soon Mr. Orubebe began his public
action aimed at disrupting the collation.
Diplomatic sources in Abuja told Sahara Reporters that the
UK and US put enormous pressure on President Jonathan
not to undermine the collation process or scuttle the polls.
The barrage of pressure finally worked. Jonathan gave
orders for the pilot of the presidential jet to head for
Maiduguri to pick up the Borno State returning officer.
Once the official was brought to Abuja, the final collation
was done and Buhari emerged the winner.
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Friday, 17 April 2015

Omg! Too bad: See Fine Girl Caught Stealing Stripped And Molested By Men Around...(pics/video)


We are in Cameroon in the South West region in Buea.
Here, poverty is rampant so stealing has become the only
means of survival of the population. This girl got her private
part robbed with peeper beacause she stole.
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**WARNING, FOR RICH FOLKS ONLY!! ***Behold! The Lamborghini Veneno Is The Most Expensive Production Road Car In History(pics)

The Lamborghini Veneno is the most expensive road
production car ever made. The Veneno was made to
celebrate Lamborghini’s 50 anniversary, and was based
on the Lamborghini Aventador. The Veneno is as rare as
can be, with only three hard top production cars being
produced, with one each in red, green, and white to
represent the Italian flag. An additional nine Lamborghini
Veneno Roadsters were built in 2014, but this car is still
super rare.
The Veneno’s prototype–Car Zero–debuted at the 2013
Geneva Motor Show. It was retained by the Lambo
factory and can be seen in their museum. The actual car
was unveiled on the Italian naval aircraft carrier Cavour
the next year. All three of these bad boys sold for around
$4 million each! So who bought them and what did they
pay for them?

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Photos: Massive crowd receives man trekking from Lagos to Abuja in Minna

this thing no be joking matter again o. Hasheem Suleiman
the 33-year-old man who is currently on a foot journey
from Lagos to Abuja was received by a massive crowd in
Lambata, Izom, Diko, and Suleja. His supporters are
begging the public to allow the young man complete the
55km left of his jouney.
Hasheem made a vow to trek from Lagos to Abuja if
Buhari wins the presidential election. he has so far
covered 677km out of 732km. More pics

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12 Nigerian,Ghanaian Migrants thrown into sea for being Christian

AFP)Italian police on Thursday said 12 African
migrants had died after being thrown
overboard by fellow passengers in the latest
high-seas tragedy in the Mediterranean, as
another 41 boat migrants were feared drowned
in a separate incident.
Police in the Sicilian port of Palermo said they
had arrested 15 Muslim migrants suspected of
attacking Christian passengers after a religious
row on a boat headed for Italy, which is
struggling to cope with a huge spike in illegal
migrants arriving on its shores.
The 12 victims were all Nigerians and
Ghanaians while the 15 suspects came from
Senegal, Mali and Ivory Coast. They were
charged with “multiple aggravated murder
motivated by religious hate,” according to a
police statement.
Distraught survivors, who set off from Libya on
Tuesday before being rescued by an Italian
vessel on Wednesday, told a “dreadful” story of
“forcefully resisting attempts to drown them,
forming a veritable human chain in some
cases,” police said.
Nigerian and Ghanaian survivors told
police a group of Muslim passengers on
the boat, which was carrying around 100
people, began threatening the Nigerians
and Ghanaians after they declared
themselves to be Christians. “The threats
then materialised and 12 people, all
Nigerian and Ghanaian, are believed to
have drowned in the Mediterranean,” the
police statement added
In another drama, 41 migrants were missing
feared drowned on after their dinghy sank en
route to Italy, the International Organization
for Migration (IOM) said, mere days after 400
migrants are believed to have died in another
shipwreck off the coast of Libya.
The four survivors in Thursday’s shipwreck,
who came from Nigeria, Ghana and Niger, said
their boat sank after setting sail from Libya
with 45 people on board.
Their vessel was spotted by a plane, which
alerted the Italian coastguard, but by the time a
navy ship arrived to help them only four
passengers were found alive.
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Meet Gloria Pius,an upcoming Nollywood
actress who says her butt is bigger than the
likes of Daniella Okeke,Toolz and more
actresses with huge behinds.
The Rivers native graduated From The
University of Portharcourt, Where she studied
“Theatre Arts” Gloria has featured in Movies
Like Madien of Destruction , Galaxy
Babes,Grooms Parabe, Ladies Of Vengeance and
Checkout her sexy pics below and you just
might agreed with her..

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Meet Gloria Pius,an upcoming Nollywood
actress who says her butt is bigger than the
likes of Daniella Okeke,Toolz and more
actresses with huge behinds.
The Rivers native graduated From The
University of Portharcourt, Where she studied
“Theatre Arts” Gloria has featured in Movies
Like Madien of Destruction , Galaxy
Babes,Grooms Parabe, Ladies Of Vengeance and
Checkout her sexy pics below and you just
might agreed with her..

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Tambuwal Reveals: Our Crude Oil Billions Unaccounted For

The Speaker, House of Reps, Aminu Tambuwal, has
disclosed that despite the huge contribution of crude oil to
Nigeria’s economy, earnings from sale of crude oil have
been largely unaccounted for.
Tambuwal made the disclosure while declaring open an
investigative public hearing on diversion of crude oil deposit
at Stubbs Creeks Marginal Fields in Akwa Ibom by
Universal Energy Resources Ltd.
Tambuwal declared in his opening remarks: "In
Nigeria, though crude oil has contributed largely to
the economy, the revenue has not been used and
accounted for."
He said that continued diversion of crude oil, bunkering and
vandalism of oil pipelines constituted major sabotage to
the nation’s economy. Represented by Ishaka Bawa, the
Chief Whip of the House of Representatives, Tambuwal
said there was the need for appropriate production and
export policy crucial for the growth of the sector.
Meanwhile, the House of Reps has mandated its committee
on water resources to investigate the status of the N800m
Okpella Water Scheme with a view to determining the work
done by the contractor.
The committee was also directed to determine the input of
the federal ministry of water resources since the project
was taken over by the ministry.
The resolution followed a motion on the need to investigate
the purported completion of the Okpella Water Scheme
sponsored by Hon. Abubakar Momoh.
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Infectious Spiritual Disease Killed 35 In Irele, Ondo State , Symptoms Incl . Blindness & Headache

Yesterday a suspicious spiritual disease broke out in Irele
town in Ondo state killing over 35 people.
As at the time it was reported to the media, 14 people had
died but as at today, dead bodies of more victims have been
The strange illness that is infectious in nature was first
discovered in February when a young teenager was found
dead along a bush path.
Ondo State Health Commissioner, Dayo Adeyanju said the
strange illness has symptoms of sudden blindness and
migraine headache.
Mr Adeyanju said WHO has sent out officials to investigate
the root cause of the disease.
He urged locals to report any sudden death
to health officials.
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Just Get Out Of My Sight – Jonathan Blasts Allison-Madueke

President Goodluck is very angry and from
what we gathered, he believes it is the
corrupt acts that were perpetrated by Diezani Allison-
Madueke and other powerful ministers in his government
that made Nigerians see him as a weak president and
refused to vote for him on March 28.
Consequently, after a picture of the Minister of Petroleum,
Allison-Maduake, in the house of ex-president Abdulsalami
Abubakar to beg for forgiveness from President-Elect
Muhammadu Buhari leaked, it was learnt that Jonathan
was angry to the extent he does not want to set his eyes on
her again.
When she attempted to see Jonathan, he immediately
shouted on her: "Just get out of my sight"!
The situation is so bad that former Head of State,
Abdusalami Abubakar, on Thursday led the Minister to a
closed-door meeting with President Jonathan in his office
at the Aso Rock Villa.
Alison-Madueke arrived the Villa for the meeting about
three minutes after Abubakar made his way into the
President’s office.

The photograph of the minister during a visit to Abubakar's
residence went viral on the Internet recently with many
insinuating she must be reaching out to him to avoid probe
by General Buhari.
About 30 minutes after they both entered the President’s
office, Abubakar emerged, leaving her behind.
When asked for the purpose of his visit, Abubakar said it
was in continuation of his job as the chairman of the
National Peace Committee for the 2015 General Elections.
“As the chairman of the peace committee, there is always
interaction between the incoming president and President
Jonathan, in order to ensure that the peace we have been
able to get is sustained."
She was said to have tried to seek asylum abroad but
failed, hence her she decided to return and beg.
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Thursday, 16 April 2015

bad:Wife Stripped and Disgraced Husband Snatcher as She Caught Her in a Motel with her Man


It's one of the best revenge of all time. A Tanzanian lady
was busted red-handed with her sugar daddy by the man's
wife having illegal fun in a motel room. It was really an epic
scene and unforgettable day for this lady. She was taught
the worse lesson of her life as she was really humiliated by
her sugar man's wife.
She was stripped and pushed out of the motel in broad
daylight by the man's wife who received a first class info by
an anonymous hotel Intel who she paid to keep an eye on
her husband after receiving serious of rumours about her
husband's flirting lifestyle. So she decided to make this
lady a scapegoat so as to teach other girls some huge
lessons and I strongly believe that she actually taught them
the biggest lesson of lives.
Y'all Reaally need to watch this video an learn.
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Rape PHOTOS Of Nigerian-born Radio Presenter Princess Ada Kidnapped And Gang Raped In Ghana (PHOTOS)



A renowned female Nigerian-born Radio/Television
presenter, Adaeze Onyinyechi Ayoka also known as
Adalicious Ada has been allegedly kidnapped and raped.
The Ghana Y FM presenter is born to a Ghanaian mother
and a Nigerian father from Umuahia, Abia State.
Ada’s captors later released her in the early hours of
Tuesday, April 14, 2015 and she is currently receiving
medical attention at the female/maternity ward of the
Ghana Ports and Harbour Authority (GPHA) Hospital in
Takoradi, Ghana.

The General Manager of YFm Franklin Kofi Fiati and Nana
Kwesi Coomson paid a visit to the hospital but the
administrators restricted them from seeing Ada.
They were advised to return later as the doctor on duty,
Dr. Boateng was checking up on admitted patients at the
The hospital staff said, “She is sleeping now so even if
we allow you people to see her, you cannot talk to her.
She is well and has no bruises on her. Her dreadlocks are
shaved, that’s the only thing I can say.”
According to reports , the abductors gang raped and
shaved off the presenter’s dreadlocks in the attack.
Her colleagues revealed that some unknown persons had
threatened the presenter and the Programmes Manager
of the station Julius sometime in 2014 although she
reported the case to the police.
The morning show host of Y FM, Kwame Legend, said, “In
the threatening text, she was told by the people that she
was going to die, they will kill her.
“The last time Ada was seen at work was the Thursday
before Easter Friday. I even had a chat with her on Easter
Friday, since then I haven’t heard from her and haven’t
seen her too.”
One of the victim’s neighbours who spoke under
anonymity said “She came home last night around 12am
and she started knocking at the door.
“As soon as we saw her, she started asking for food and
when she was given the food, she started hitting us with
the food given her. She was taken to the hospital around.

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News: Top 12 Corruption Cases in Nigeria

1. N195 Billion Maina Pension Scam
It is believed that Alhaji Maina misappropriated billions of
naira worth of pension funds, which he claimed to have
recovered from pension thieves. The senate committee
probing pension funds management accused him of
mopping up pension funds from banks and depositing the
money in his private accounts. According to the
committee, this mopping of such funds had made it
impossible to pay thousands of pensioners across the
country for months. When he was summoned to appear
and clear the air on the committee’s findings, Alhaji
Maina instituted a N1.5bn case against the senate and
the inspector general of police. Things came to a head
last week when the senate passed a resolution asking the
presidency to sack Alhaji Maina within two days or face
its wrath. Although the presidency had initially insisted
that only the head of service could sack Maina, it
subsequently changed its tone and ordered that
disciplinary action should be taken against him for
absconding from his duty post without permission.
Punishment: None fled Nigeria.
2. Kerosene Subsidy Scam
The Former Governor of the Central bank and Now Emir
of Kano Mr Sanusi had shown that the kerosene subsidy
was eliminated in 2009 by a directive of the late president
Umaru Yar’Adua. Further evidence, in the form of official
data from across Nigeria, shows that nowhere in the
country is kerosene sold at a subsidised rate. It is bought
by the NNPC at N150, sold to marketers at N40-N50, but
retails at N170-N250. Mr Sanusi estimates that $100m
goes astray this way each month.
“The margin of 300-500 per cent over purchase price is
economic rent, which never got to the man on the street.
In dollar terms every vessel of kerosene imported by
NNPC with federation money cost about $30m and it was
sold at $10 or $11m generating rent of $20m per vessel
to the syndicate,” he writes.
It was learnt that since the national assembly members
concluded their investigations, no officials of the NNPC or
the marketers have been sanctioned, thus emboldening
them to continue to import kerosene and allocate to
themselves and their cronies.
Apparently due to alleged pecuniary benefits, the NNPC
has continued to import kerosene and allocate in
questionable circumstances to individuals and groups at
the ex-depot price of N40.90.
But rather than selling the product at the subsidised price
of N50 per litre at filling stations, the beneficiaries of
these allocations sell the product to middlemen at N95 or
N100 per litre at the gates of the depots.
These middlemen, it was learnt, truck the product to the
filling stations and sell between N130 and N150 per litre.
It was alleged that marketers give some of their
allocations to some top PPMC officials to ensure that
they turn blind eye to the scam.
The failure of the NNPC to implement a presidential
directive removing subsidy from kerosene has fuelled
suspicion among the stakeholders.
Punishment: None.
3. $6bn Fuel Subsidy Scam
Nigeria’s parliament has discussed a report said to reveal
that $6bn (£4bn) has been defrauded from the fuel
subsidy fund in the past two years.
The debate, which was televised live, made official
findings that have been widely leaked in recent days.
The fuel sector probe was set up in the wake of angry
nationwide protests in January after the government tried
to remove a fuel subsidy.
Nigeria is a major oil producer but has to import most of
its fuel.
Notable members of the PDP or their families were
involved in the scam like Mamman Ali and Mahmud
Punishment: Ongoing court cases, no convictions. House
of reps report tainted by Farouk Lawan bribery setup.
4. 123bn Naira Fraud – Stephen Oronsaye
A damning report by the Office of the Auditor-General of
the Federation has indicted a former Head of the Civil
Service of the Federation, Mr. Stephen Oronsaye, over an
alleged N123billion fraud perpetrated during his tenure,
between 2009 and 2010.
The 169-page report, entitled “Special Audit of the
Accounts of the Civil Pensions,” according to an online
news medium, Premium Times, found Oronsaye guilty of
allegedly presiding over the looting of the nation’s
resources during his tenure.
The audit by the auditor-general arose from the work of a
Special Audit Team constituted by the federal government
in May 2011 to conduct a comprehensive examination of
the accounts of the Civilian Pension Department
domiciled in the Office of the Head of the Civil Service of
the Federation.
The audit, which covered the period 2005 to 2010,
uncovered monumental financial irregularities, opaque
transactions, irregular and abnormal running costs, and
outright stealing and kick backs said to have reached its
zenith during the 18 months that Oronsaye served as
Head of Service.
But no action has been taken to bring all those indicted to
Punishment: No action taken.
5. Police Pension Fund Fraud
The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC)
arraigned the ex-permanent secretary in the Ministry of
Niger Delta Affairs, now a director in the Police Pension
Office, Atiku Abubakar Kigo; the chief accountant, Mrs.
Uzoma Cyril Attang, and four others before an Abuja high
court on an 18-count charge of conspiracy, breach of
trust and embezzlement of N32.8 billion police pension
The six accused persons were docked before Justice
Hussain Baba to whom the case was reassigned
following a controversial judgement of the first trial judge,
Justice Abubakar Talba: he gave a light sentence to one
of the accused, John Yusuf, who pleaded guilty to a
three-count charge.
But Attang, who was arraigned by the EFCC for the first
time in connection with the alleged fraud, was granted
N10million bail and two sureties in like sum.
Those who were re-arraigned include Esai Dangabar,
Atiku Abubakar Kigo, Ahmed Inuwa Wada, Mrs Veronica
Ulonma Onyegbula, Sani Habila Zira, Christian
Madubuike, and John Yusuf who had been convicted.
Punishment: accused got a two years sentence or
750,000 fine. Paid 750,000.
6. Stella Oduah car purchase scandal
The committee set up by President Goodluck Jonathan to
probe the N255m bulletproof car scandal in the aviation
ministry has indicted the Minister, Ms. Stella Oduah.
It was gathered in Abuja that the report of the presidential
committee tallied with some findings of the House of
Representatives Committee on Aviation on the scandal.
In October, there were reports that with the approval of
the minister, the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority
purchased two bulletproof BMW cars at an allegedly
inflated rate of N255m.
The development sparked a countrywide controversy with
many Nigerians and groups calling for her sacking.
Punishment: None.

7. NNPC missing $20billion naira
Even in a country where untold oil wealth disappears into
the pockets of the elite, the oil corruption scheme he was
investigating seemed outsize — and he threatened to lay
it bare at a meeting with Nigeria’s top bankers.
The whistleblower was none other than the governor of
the country’s central bank. Weeks later, however, he was
out, fired by Nigeria’s president in an episode that has
shaken the Nigerian economy, filled newspapers and
airwaves here, and even inspired a rare street
The bankers were going to have to open their books, the
governor, Lamido Sanusi, warned them at the recent
meeting. He wanted to see where the money was going —
$20 billion from oil sales that, mysteriously, was not
making its way to the treasury, in a country that could
soon be declared Africa’s biggest economy and already
attracts the most direct foreign investment on the
continent, according to the United Nations.
Punishment: Whistle blower was fired. The FG ordered an
Audit of the NNPC . Audit report later indicts NNPC,
corporation to refund $1.48billion
8. $15 million in Private Jet Arms Scandal
A private jet that conveyed $9.3 million cash from Nigeria
to South Africa for an alleged arms deal between the two
countries, had Nigerian crew members, and passengers
from Israel and Austria.
Punishment: government claims involvement in scandal.
No further explanations to individuals on board. Blames
US for black market arms deal.
9. Crude Oil Theft Scandal
According to President Goodluck Jonathan,
300,000-400,000 barrels of oil per day, or more than 10%
of all Nigeria’s production, is being lost at a cost to the
state and oil companies of around £1bn a month – more
than is spent on education and the health of the nation’s
168 million people. Not only is Nigerian oil theft helping
to keep the world price of oil high, it is causing corruption
and social disorder, says the president.
Punishment: None, ex militant given contract worth
billions to secure waterways. Rather than a decrease in
oil theft, a marked increase is seen.
10. Ekiti Gate
The audio recordings depict the meeting as being
attended by the eventual “winner” of the election,
Governor Ayo Fayose of Ekiti; Senator Iyiola Omisore; a
man identified as Honorable Abdulkareem; the Minister
for Police Affairs Caleb Olubolade; and Senator Musiliu
Obanikoro who was at the time the Minister of State for
Defence. Mr. Chris Uba came to Ekiti with huge stash of
cash and soldiers from the East to carry out the
The 37-minute recording details the conversation
between these men as they bribed Brigadier General
Momoh with a promotion for his assistance in carrying
out election fraud in Ekiti. In it, Obanikoro is clearly heard
informing the group of men, “[I] am not here for a tea
party, am on special assignment by the President.”
SaharaReporters further received credible intelligence that
President Goodluck Jonathan had instructed the Chief of
Defense Staff, Alex Badeh, to use the army in arresting
and intimidating opposition politicians before and during
the election. The audio recording provides exact details of
the plot, with the collaborators almost degenerating into
physical combat.
11. Mohammed Abacha N446 Billion case
The government had Charged Abacha to court on nine
counts of stealing against Mohammed in February 2014.
It had accused him of unlawfully receiving about
N446.3bn allegedly stolen from its coffers between 1995
and 1998.
But on Wednesday, the Attorney-General of the
Federation and Minister of Justice, Mr. Mohammed
Adoke, asked Justice Mamman Kolo of the FCT High
Court to strike out the charges on the grounds of “fresh
facts” that just emerged concerning the case.
He was silent on whether new charges would be filed
against Mohammed or not.
Efforts to arraign Mohammed on two previous occasions
were unsuccessful because of his repeated absence from
But he was present in court on Wednesday when a private
prosecuting counsel, Daniel Enwelum, informed the court
of Adoke’s instruction to discontinue the case.
Applying to court for the withdrawal of the case, Enwelum
said, “I have been instructed by the AGF and Minister of
Justice to withdraw the charges as presently filed before
this court, because there are fresh facts and documents
available to him.
Punishment: None.
12. N7Billion Bribe to Christian Religious Leaders
On the 4th of February, The Director-General, Buhari
Presidential Campaign organisation, Governor Rotimi
Amaechi of Rivers State, accused some church leaders of
taking N7 billion in bribes from the Peoples Democratic
Party, PDP, to campaign against the presidential
candidate of All Progressives Congress, APC, General
Muhammadu Buhari (rtd).
Governor Amaechi, at the APC’s governorship campaign
rally, in Emohua Local Government Area, Rivers State,
said already, the religious leaders were allegedly
distributing leaflets all over that Buhari had plans to
Islamize the country if elected.
Amaechi called on the pastors to return the alleged bribe
collected from the PDP .
By the 19th of February, A Borno-based Pastor, Kallamu
Musa-Dikwa, said that the money that was given to
pastors by the President was actually N7bn and not N6bn
as alleged by Amaechi.
The PDP has since denied this.
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Photos : 4 Nigerian Drug Dealers Excreted 171 Cocaine Drug Capsules At NDLEA Office In Lagos

4 drug dealers are currently in NDLEA custody for allegedly
attempting to smuggle cocaine out of the country via MMIA
Airport in Lagos.
It was learnt that the suspects ─ Ejiofor Eliezer (46), Obah
Francis (30), Akpa Sobuzochukwu (27) and 36-year-old Ike
Okechukwu ─ excreted 171 wraps of drug that tested positive
for cocaine.
The suspects were busted during the screening of
passengers on board Qatar and Emirates airlines.
Eliezer, who excreted 100 wraps of the drug, told
investigators that poverty pushed him to commit the crime,
adding that he had intended to use the expected proceed to
fend for his family of four.
“I live in Brazil, where I work in a supermarket and lived with
my wife and four children. Life in Brazil is tough because I live
from hand to mouth. It was poverty that made me to smuggle
drugs. I took risk by swallowing 100 wraps of cocaine for
N200,000 because of poverty.”
Another suspect, Francis said he joined drug trafficking
business to make more money.
“I am single and have been working in Brazil for two years. At
present, I work in a bakery and my salary is meager. My plan
was to give the drug to a friend in Dubai, but he did not come to
collect the drug as planned. This was how I had to come to
Nigeria with the drug. I blame my friend for my arrest because I
would have made S15,000 (about N2.8m) from the deal.”
NDLEA promises to charge the suspects to court soon.
The quest for ‘more money’ has brought this guys into a life
of sorrow.
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Buhari Will Reduce Petrol Price to N40 per Litre

Former Minister of Petroleum, Prof. Tamunoemi David-
West, said that Nigerians should expect sharp drop in petrol
price from the current N87 to about N40 per litre, saying,
“President Mohammed Buhari will reduce the fuel pump
price to N40 per litre.”
In his words: “I want to assure you that by the time he
takes over, petrol will be dispensed at N40 per litre. This is
possible and he has the credibility to make it work.
"Buhari will build new refineries to make petroleum
products available for the masses. No responsible
government will allow the masses to suffer."
In a telephone interview with Vanguard, the former minister
argued that Nigeria produces millions of barrels of crude oil
daily, and if properly harnessed will boost the performance
of the industry.
He noted that the president-elect is familiar with the
petroleum industry, adding that he is a straight forward
person that has respect for democratic principles.
“As military head of state, he dealt with the Federal
Executive Council with the tenets of democracy.
“He will strengthen the refineries within a year. It is
possible as we won’t spend any amount in setting up a
green field refinery. We already have a blueprint as we shall
use what we have to get what we want,” he added. He
further stated that on many occasions, the president –
elect had disclosed that the subsidy initiative is a fraud
which has distorted the progress expected in the sector.
He is also said to have frowned at the spate of corruption,
which has characterised the subsidy regime to include the
Trillions of Naira spent on both Petrol and Kerosene
subsidy within the past few years, thus inhibiting efforts to
properly carry-out the Turn Around Maintenance TAM, for
the refineries. He added that on countless occasions, he
had argued that the country is forced to pay for scam
carried out by oil cartel.
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