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Friday, 28 November 2014

Finally! See VIDEO – Nhlanhla and Sheillah Having SeX In #BBAHOTSHOTS. Must see..

Oh.. Just when e were thinking There isn't ever gonna be a sex scene from this year's bba hotshots. Well, we finally have one here.. This sure is a video bba lovers should see! N

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UNILAG Girls and The Craze for Money and Prostitution

It has become a way of life for many ladies of today; money for hand, back for ground. Pm News Campus Square went about to ask some students why they think prostitution is so rampant on campuses and what they think can be done to curb it and here’s what they have to say.
Bashorun Aminat of the University of Lagos [UNILAG] said:
“I don’t think it is seen as prostitution any longer. The issue is that basically, girls here are after the tall, cute guy who can pay their bills and must have a car. That is very important.

“The girls do not hesitate once such a guy approaches them.If he has a car then they are good to go. A case happened last semester when some girls left the hostel in the evening and told their roommates that they wanted to stroll out just within the school premises.
“A report was brought later the next day that the three friends were involved in a serious car accident in which one of them died...“They come to pick them with cars or they take cab to their destination and when they return the next day, they come back big with a huge intimidating amount of money and they flaunt it for all to see.
“We are in deep trouble in this country if urgent step is not taken to address this crisis. But, the question is; who will provide the platform for such reforms to take place, when it was the same politicians, political office holders, bureaucrats, and some traditional rulers that are the major promoters of such illicit business in the first place.”
Another UNILAG student, Akorede, said, "To curb prostitution in our tertiary institutions, there should be law prohibiting prostitution on campuses. Those who indulge in it should be arrested. This will deter those who want to venture into the trade."
In her own reaction to the issue, Adediran Bukunmi, a student of the Obafemi Awolowo University, OAU said: “some OAU girls have PhD in prostitution. Archy, Motion Ground, Ajose, First Bank are some of the ‘mini-hotels’ we have on OAU campus.

“You find condoms, pants and sometimes blood early in the morning if you pass through these areas. You see‘lovers’ hanging around this love spots at night, many even go further to make love in these places as they are often very few people around at the time.
“Anglomoz is the mother of ‘mini-hotels’ where ‘big boys’ come to pick up the willing ladies. Some have even been recognized by the cars they bring as they do not miss the rendezvous every night.

“Their activities reduce during exam period. Honestly, I am indifferent about it. I really do not care what they do with their lives.”
“The practice of dating older men for money has taken over Nigerian schools by female students who so much desire to live a life beyond what their parents can provide for them,” Jerry Adeyemi said.
”Prostitution on our campuses is no longer news. But it is difficult to pin point who to put the blame on. Is it the campus girls or their patrons?” he queried.

A senior lecturer with one of the universities in Lagos who pleaded anonymity, told our reporter that the issue at hand is beyond university students as there are many young ladies who engaged in street prostitution parading themselves as students thereby mingling with students.
It is difficult to pin down the exact year campus prostitution started, it has been widely acknowledged that it started in full swing in the 90s.
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News: Boko Haram bombs 5 soldiers, 30 hunters

No fewer than 35 people, including five military personnel and a local hunter, were said to have been killed by a bomb explosion yesterday morning around Mararaba-Mubi area of Adamawa State.

An eyewitness told newsmen in Yola, the state capital, that a combined team of the military and hunters were on routine patrol of the area following their successful recapture of Mubi town when the bomb planted by the insurgents exploded, killing 35 of them instantly.
According to the eyewitness, the scene of the blast was a busy area where people gathered to transact business, adding that the explosive might have been planted there overnight while it went off in the morning as people gathered there.
The eyewitness, who spoke to newsmen on phone, said the military had converted the venue of the blast to a checkpoint, since people were always at the spot in large numbers.

According to him, “my house is some metres from the scene of the incident. I stood outside my compound watching the suburb and all of a sudden, I heard a loud bang which shook the entire surroundings. The few people who were returning to the area started running away and the area was immediately cordoned off by the military.”
The explosion prompted the military authorities to declare the area “a no go place” and advised returning villagers and passers-by to be extra cautious along the routes.

The authorities also cautioned the people to be wary of strange objects and polythene bags within their reach, advising that they might be explosives fashioned out to look attractive for unsuspecting victims.

Meanwhile, hundreds of local hunters keeping vigil with the military in the recovered areas of Adamawa State have vowed to ensure that the sect members are completely chased out
The hunters, who were returning to the recaptured areas of Mubi and its environs, told newsmen, yesterday, in Yola that their major pre-occupation now was to ensure that the area is completely secured for the inhabitants to return to their homes.
The leader of the hunters, Young Moris, pledged that they will do everything to ensure that Michika and Madagali are equally rid of the insurgents very soon.
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News: 63 senators agree to impeach Jonathan

Sixty-three senators as of Thursday have signed up to the plan to impeach President Goodluck Jonathan in the upper legislative chamber.
One of the arrowheads of the move to remove Jonathan in the Senate showed our correspondent the list containing the signatures of the senators.
The source said eight Peoples Democratic Party senators were among the signatories to the planned impeachment notice.
There are 109 members in the Senate.
An All Progressives Congress senator from the North-West zone, who asked not to be named,told our correspondent that the lawmakers’ major grouse was the President’s handling of the economy and political affairs of the country.
The senator cited poor implementation of the national budget since 2011, alleged high level of corruption and “gross disregard” of the legislature at both the federal and state levels as topping the list of lawmakers’ anger against Jonathan.
Asked whether he realised that the process of impeachment could be tedious and cumbersome, the senator said, “ We know and we are prepared to show the President that we have responsibility to the people and the nation in general.
“We are prepared to lay the impeachment notice anytime from next week. Meetings are already being held.”

Senator Ibrahim Musa (APC Niger North) confirmed that there were moves by some members of the Senate to initiate impeachment proceedings against the President but failed to give details.
“I think there is something like that but I don’t have the details, it is still coming as a rumour,” Musa said.
But The PUNCH learnt that the impeachment move against the President had really gained momentum with the APC senators mobilising themselves to carry out the exercise anytime from next week.

Investigations by our correspondent revealed that some PDP senators, who were initially at the forefront of the struggle, had retreated following the intervention of the senate leadership and the promise of automatic tickets by the party.
It was learnt that the PDP senators had been pleading with their APC colleagues to hold on till next week pending the outcome of the moves by the senate leadership to ensure the realisation of the automatic tickets agreement they had with the PDP and Jonathan.
An APC senator told our correspondent on condition of anonymity that the impeachment letter contains the signature of both the APC and PDP senators.

He explained that the letter could not be laid on the floor of the senate because some PDP senators appealed to them to delay the action.
He said, “The truth of the matter is that the impeachment notice would have been laid if not for our colleagues in the PDP who pleaded with us to delay the process pending when the senate leadership would come up with the result of its efforts at securing automatic tickets for them.

“In any case the process had started but if we submit the letter now, the signatures of the PDP senators will be there and the party might want to use that as an excuse to deny them their automatic tickets.”
The PDP senators contacted by our correspondent on the issue declined to make comment.
However, one of them who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the process of impeachment had not been suspended.
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Thursday, 27 November 2014

Must See: Fake Female Preachers Caught and Exposed in Public for Stealing Wrist

Woaaaa! Wonders shall never cease to end.
These 2 Kenyan fake female preachers were busted red-handed stealing wrist watches from one of their victim's shop. But thank God for one of the neighbours who caught them in the act.

What they do is; one of the lady will be busy convincing the shop owner using the word of God as they interact so as to draw his attention away from the environment while the other woman now look for any valuable item or money to steal.

You really should see how they embarrassed themselves!

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Oops: See Hackers leak Popular Socialite Sheneka Adams Private photos Online.. [18+]

Hackers leak Sheneka Adams Nude photos Online.. OMG [18+]

The latest Victim of the iCloud hacking burst is Sheneka Adams, a popular Atlanta society girl and owner of S.Adams Hair Collection.. Well Some people have been Speculating that The pictures werent hacked and that she leaked Them online herself, Well I believe That.. because a Video of her performing fellatio on Soulja Boy dropped back Them around 2010..
She’s really hot Though.. See The Pictures

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PHOTO OF THE DAY: So Christiano Ronaldo did his NYSC in Nigeria.. Must see!

Ronaldo sure looks good in any outfit..

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Omg! 3 Year Old Girl Raped By Her Uncles For Hours[video]

Two brothers defiled a three year old girl leaving her with serious injuries requiring surgery to punish her mother in Githima Village, in Mathira East, Nyeri County. The two allegedly raped their niece in turns for hours allegedly to discipline their sister in-law who had left their brother.

The mother left her matrimonial home after her husband of 7 years and the father of the girl decided to marry another wife from his tribe. The girl was taken to Karatina District Hospital. Judy Kosgei with the details.
Watch the video to see what happened

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Kim Kardashian's Sex Tape With Ray Jay Becomes Most Viewed Porn Video Ever! See The Video Here..

Now not long ago The most popular Indecency site in the world, just announced the since Kim Kardashian released her break the internet photos her sextape with Ray J has gone up yo an astonishing 93 million views making iit the most watched Indecency video ever! Now how about that ..She did break the internet. have just released statistics pictures. From this we relealised the most viewers are from the United States.

Well, i will take the opportunity of this and share you guys the sextape that brought Kim kardashian to limelight.. This sex video made her the popular icon she is now.............................
But i am not saying naija girls should go and do same oo..

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Holy Shit! Wiz Khalifa goes Nude. See photo...

Move over Kim and Rihanna, Wiz Khalifa is taking over the nude scene ..Is this his way of handling his split with Amber?First the hair, now this...He captioned it, no shower till 4pm...Fans have called him out, saying he has changed and needs to check it..
On another note, you can now see why Amber wanted to kill herself with love..Sexy guy

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Wow: See Mario Balotelli's Brand New Mansion.. [photos]

Talented Italian football player, Mario Balotelli recently started playing for English premiership side, Liverpool after a transfer deal of £16 million that saw him leave AC Milan, his former club.
The sexy player shows us how rich he is with this 5 bedroom mansion complete with its own helipad and football pitch.

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Female Singer K Michelle Goes Topless To Promote Her New Song[pics]

Some ladies know that doing this is the fastest way of attracting attention to themselves and reality star turned singer, K Michelle has decided to take this path to fame. See full pic below:

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What The?? A Prisoner Impregnates 4 Female Prison Guards Inside Prison![photo]

Some guys are born to be rough, whether they are comfortable or in trouble, they still enjoy bad things. What a life! Four female prison guards were shamelessly impregnated by the guy pictured above in a prison in Baltimore. He is a gang leader so powerful he boasted in the jail, 'I am the law'.

The rough guy, identified as Tavo White, showered the female guards with gifts including cars and some very expensive diamond rings.

He reportedly made $16,000 a month from smuggling drugs and cellphones into prison with help from his accomplices.
In fact, Tavo White is so bad that an FBI wire tap captured White saying, ‘This is my jail. You understand that,’ and claiming to control everything from contraband to mob hits within the prison.

Four guards – Jennifer Owens, Katera Stevenson, Chania Brooks and Tiffany Linder – got pregnant for him while he was behind bars.
Owens had ‘Tavon’ tattooed on her neck and Stevenson had ‘Tavon’ tattooed on her wrist. The sad details came to light after authorities busted a major smuggling ring inside the prison – and 13 female prison guards, seven inmates and five co-conspirators face racketeering charges.

Guards allegedly smuggled hard drugs and mobile phones into prison in their shoes for the ‘Black Guerrilla Family’, a gang which also operates on the streets of Baltimore City.
Interestingly, the four pregnant ladies and other officers involved in the dirty deal have been suspended and the department are moving to fire them.
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News: Sierra Leone Ebola burial teams dump bodies in street

Burial workers in eastern Sierra Leone were sacked Tuesday after snatching Ebola victims from a mortuary and dumping their bodies in the street in a pay dispute.

The workers, who were on a one-day strike over non-payment of risk allowances, left at least a dozen corpses around the public hospital in the city of Kenema, once one of the epicentres of the epidemic.

“I am disappointed that they displayed the bodies because of the quest for money,” Paul Conteh, head of the National Ebola Response Centre, told reporters in the capital Freetown.
“They ignored the dignity and respect for the dead. I am not against them withholding their services but this is unacceptable.”
Bodies were also abandoned outside the offices of hospital managers, according to officials and witnesses, although it was not clear how long they were left lying around.
Ebola is spread through contact with bodily fluids and the risk of infection is particularly high with the corpse of someone who has recently died.

“Six or seven bodies were laid out in nearby streets in full view of the public,” one Kenema resident told AFP.
– Three children’s bodies –
“Some of the strikers were dressed in protective gear and the corpses were in body bags but they had a disturbing smell. Three of the bodies were those of children.”
Witnesses described how the strikers — thought to have numbered around 30 — blocked an army van which had come to pick up the bodies before soldiers persuaded the protesters to stand down.

More than 1,200 Sierra Leoneans have died in the worst Ebola outbreak on record since it spread in May from Guinea to the country’s eastern region, which includes Kenema.
The government, which had a fund set aside to pay risk allowances, has launched an investigation into why the cash did not reach the burial teams for more than a month.

The strike follows similar industrial action earlier this month at a clinic near Bo — the only Ebola treatment centre in the country’s southern region.
The epidemic has killed around 5,500 people in west Africa this year, almost all in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone.
UNMEER, the United Nations Ebola response mission, set a “70-70-60″ target in October to isolate and treat 70 percent of suspected Ebola cases in west Africa and safely bury 70 percent of the dead within 60 days.
Last week the government announced an Ebola death in Kenema after the city had gone more than three weeks without new infections.

The case dashed hopes that while the contagion continues to spread fast in the western area encompassing Freetown, the eastern region where the crisis first emerged had beaten the virus.
The health ministry said an eighth doctor had contracted Ebola and was being treated in Hastings, a short drive outside Freetown.
The previous seven have all died.
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News: House of Reps list 50 impeachable offences against President Jonathan

Surely the House of Representatives are on the same page with their Senate counterparts in their bid to impeach President Goodluck Jonathan.
It was reliably gathered that the assemblymen would start impeachment process against the President immediately it reconvenes next Wednesday.

This is just as the lawmakers coordinating the impeachment process have disclosed that they have identified over 50 constitutional violations against the President, which would form part of the impeachment notice.
A ranking officer in the House who revealed this said both chambers have resolved to work together for the common good of the country by impeaching President Jonathan for “incompetence, corruption and unprecedented impunity.”

He revealed that the impeachment plot against Jonathan was not a partisan affair, explaining that lawmakers from all the political parties have identified with the “cause” and will not give up until the President is “sent packing.”
“I’m sure you read the reports today that senators are going to move against Jonathan. Now you can confirm that the impeachment thing is not about APC. It is a non-partisan cause. We have all resolved that the man (President Jonathan) must go.

“Never in the history of Nigeria has a leader displayed such crass incompetence as we have seen in President Jonathan. It is glaring and you can feel it. Mr. President, with due respect, has shown that he is not capable of running this country. That is the basic truth”, he stated.

According to the lawmaker, over 50 impeachable offences have been identified against the president and members of the House would work closely with the Senate to ensure that the president is impeached.
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News: Obasanjo blasts President Jonathan - 'You Are Evil'

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo has taken another swipe at President Goodluck Jonathan, describing some of his actions as evil.

Obasanjo who spoke at a book launch in honour of the pioneer Chairman of the Independent Corrupt Practices Commission, ICPC, Mustapha Akanbi, in Abuja on Wednesday, declared that Nigerian democracy remained at risk due to the actions of Jonathan,Premium Timesreports.

Obasanjo, who was the Chairman of the occasion, said Jonathan should stop encouraging “verbal violence which may not physically hurt but has ways of degenerating into physical violence.”
According to Obasanjo, the greatest indictment against any administration is to be seen trying to destroy opposition of all sorts which invariably means destroying democracy.
“Management of democracy without resorting to brute force and dictatorial tendencies must be cultivated,” Obasanjo stated.

“As a leader, you must not deliberately do evil or condone evil. You should know that you will one day give account to God, you may cover up here, but before God, there is no cover up,” he added.
Obasanjo also spoke at lenght on the President’s handling of the Boko Haram insurgency, corruption, the economy and youth unemployment.
On insecurity, Obasanjo said Boko Haram is not out to “frustrate anyone’s political efforts” and lamented that it took Jonathan the years to fully understand the menace..

On corruption, Obasanjo said, “when the head is rotten, the whole body is useless.”
On the economy, he said Nigeria would continue to sink deeper and that what Nigerians are told about the state of the economy “is not truly what the economy is.”

“The economy is in doldrums, if not in reverse,” he said.
Obasanjo’s latest attack on President Jonathan is coming seven days after he rated President Jonathan’s performance as below average.
Addressing book writers in Abeokuta last weekend as part of activities marking the Ake Arts and Book Festival, Obasanjo said in response to a question on Jonathan’s performance, “I rate this current administration below average.”

Obasanjo also rejected accusations that he assisted Jonathan to become president, saying he deserved credit for helping an individual from a minority tribe to become Nigeria’s President.
“Rather than take blame for bringing Jonathan to power, I should be taking credit,” he added.
Responding to Obasanjo’s criticisms on Sunday, the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Public Affairs, Doyin Okupe, condemned Obasanjo’s rating as untrue and misleading.

Okupe said Obasanjo’s rating was at variance “with the facts on the ground.”
Okupe said President Jonathan had performed so well that “in terms of performance and achievements, no administration since 1960 when Nigeria gained independence from Britain, has done as much as that of President Jonathan.”
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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

BBAHotshots: See Samantha Shower Hour video+pic Gotta Be The Best So Far

This is another #BBAHotshots of samantha she really have something to show off...hope you guys are enjoying the show? so far so good the show have been really hot!!!
Some people say her shower period in this video is the most single shower hour ever.. As she showed everything!

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Why You Should Always Have Sex On A First Date (According To A Woman)

I’m here to tell you to ignore what everyone says and go ahead and bang him on the first date. How do I know? Well, nearly all my long-term relationships have stemmed from giving it up on date one – including my now husband.
Sexually compatible
From a girl who has slept with a fair share of men, and a few ladies – I know from doing my research that it’s difficult to find a good lay nowadays.
We are all into different things in bed, and if he has a really f*cked up fetish like symorophilia, mucophilia or plushophilia – trust me, you want to find this out straight away and get the f*ck out of there.
And if you didn’t really have a good time on your date, but you find him really ridiculously hot, the sex might be amazing and boom: You’ve found yourself a new f*ck-buddy!
Penis size
I don’t know about you, but when I’m interested in a man, my mind usually goes toward the issue of size: the size of his wallet and also the size of his penis.
Sure, every guy probably thinks that he’s huge, but ladies – we know that the majority of men are average at best. So, before you invest any of your valuable spare time in this man, it’s advantageous for you to meet his package – and the sooner, the better.
How disappointed would you be if you dated this man for weeks, invested weekends where you forwent hanging out in the Hamptons with your girlfriends getting white girl wasted, only to discover that your potential boyfriend has a weird, bendy piece, is an uncircumcised Shar-Pei, or has a penis the size of a cocktail wiener?
Take my advice and investigate down south sooner rather than later.
Avoids Awkwardness
When there is so much sexual tension between the two of you, it tends to make things awkward. While courtship and dating are fun, a lot of the time dating is a bit of a drag.
After all, isn’t all that dating just leading to the big finale of a climax? Having sex on the first date greatly reduces the anxiety that you both are experiencing and also eliminates all the trivial concerns that go with dating.
If you give it up on the first date, you don’t really need to worry so much about the impression you’re giving off on the second date – feel free to show up in yoga pants and a tank top because – guess what? He’s already seen you naked! The jig is up.
And all those games that you play on the first few dates can also be eradicated – not sure about who is going to pay the check? Feel free to push that bill right over to him because, guess what? You’ve already done it. He can at least pay for dinner.
Investment of time
We are all busy and time-poor in today’s hectic world. Dating is a huge endeavor that not only sucks up your free time, but sometimes it could end up costing you money — money that you can be spending on those new shoes, liposuction or Botox.
Sex, on the other hand, is a good gauge of whether all this effort is worth it, so why go through countless dates only to find out that hey – maybe you don’t want him inside of you?
Alternatively, if you bang him right away, you can make an informed decision about whether you want to invest any more of your valuable time and money into this man.
Let’s face it – we are busy ladies. F*ck being coy – go out and get laid. If it feels right, do it.
Good things comes to those who wait? I say wait too long and no one gets to come.
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Jealous Wife Threatens To Kill Her Husband’s Favorite Topless Model

It was just a few topless photos in a tabloid, but it was enough to send one Swiss wife over the edge.

The 51-year-old woman from St. Gallen, who has not been named, reportedly lost her mind to jealousy after her husband began regularly buying Blick, a tabloid featuring semi-nude models.

After a lengthy investigation, police tracked down the woman, who’d repeatedly mailed death threats to the publication.
For two years, the woman sent Blick letters packed with vitriol and violence, particularly directed toward a 20-year-old lingerie model named Jil.
The angry wife had discovered her husband voted for Jil to win Blick’s Girl of the Year award in 2012 and zeroed in on her as the source of his problem.

She sent a letter to Jil that reportedly called her a “dirty little whore” and threatened the model with a hired killer.
Soon afterward, she followed up with a second note that read,
Just on the off chance that you decide to turn up topless in Blick again, we are going to kill you. We know who you are and what your daily routine is.

The wife also allegedly wrote a threatening letter to Blick’s editors,saying,
I don’t want to see any more naked breasts in the paper. Otherwise you’re going to find them with their throats cut on a rubbish dump somewhere.
When the editor ignored her letters, the woman grew more desperate. She sent letters to Blick’s writers and advertisers until they were forced to contact police and put an end to the
verbal attacks.

The woman has since been convicted of falsifying documents, making violent threats and hitting a car with her bicycle while drunk. She’s been given the choice between a 120-day prison sentence or a fine of several thousand dollars.
There’s no word on whether or not she ever bothered to tell her husband she didn’t like his racy magazine collection.
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What The?? See Another Video of a Zambian Girl Disgraced&Molested in Public for Wearing Mini Skirt!

The high rate of this mini-skirt palaver is becoming so alarming.
This one took place in Zambia, where a lady was humiliated and assaulted in public for wearing a mini skirt.

Now i feel like getting a gun and shooting these idiots who look for chances to take advantage of innocent ladies.. WTF! What is their fucking concern?? This is nothing but a criminal act..

See the video below:

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See D’banjs Reaction To Multiple Debt Allegations!

Following the debt allegations against D’banj, he has subtly responded on Twitter.

Though D’banj is still largely keeping mum over the issue, in his reaction, he simply tweeted: ‘Silence. Here is my response to the false rumors’ and he completed the tweet with a video link to the newly released musicvideo of Oritsefemi’s ‘Double Wahala’ Part 2 in which he features.
Silence … Hear is my response to the false rumors /Akyap7adOW
— D'banj D Kokomaster (@iamdbanj) November 24, 2014
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Singer Davido Splashes Cash on Cars for His Manager, Kamal & Produder, Shizzi – PHOTOS

Davido is the surest boy in the game right now.
The music star in far away Las Vegas splashed more than N30 million on new machines for his manager Kamal Ajiboyeand producer, Shizzi.
Shizzi, real name Sheyi Akerele got himself a Porsche Cayene while his manager Kamal got Mercedes 450 GL as part of Davido’s birthday give aways.
Peep the cars below

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D’Banj, Tonto Dikeh, Kayswitch & 2Kriss in New Photoshoot – Peep BTS Photos

Keep calm DB Records is in the building!
D’Banj and his signees just had a new photoshoot and we can’t wait to see the final touches. The photoshoot starred actress turned musician, Tonto Dikeh, Kayswitchand producer/singers 2kris.
More shoots below

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How Teaching Assistant Disappeared with 4 kids in Ibadan

33-year-old proprietress of a neighbourhood home lesson at Idi-Omo area of Ibadan, Oyo State, Mrs Kafayat Olatubosun, has described the incident which led to the disappearance of four pupils in her care as one that is like a devil stalking her, after which he crept in and struck.
A woman simply identified as eleha (woman in purdah) disappeared with the kids on Tuesday, November 18, 2014. The children are yet to be found till the writing of this report.

According to the Nigerian Tribune, The four missing children, whose names were given as Abdulsalam Aderibigbe, Abigail Adegunju, Chidiebere and Onyiyechukwu were reportedly taken away by the eleha who disguised as someone in need of an employment. She struck within 30 minutes of starting her job as a lesson assistant.

According to Mrs Olatunbosun who is nursing a 14-month-old baby and is currently kept in protective custody at State Criminal Investigation, Iyaganku, Ibadan,
“I started operating a neighbourhood lesson for children at Sagbolada Compound, Idi Omo, Ibadan in 2009. I rented a space in the compound and I pay N500 monthly for it.
“I have about 35 pupils between the ages of one-and-half
and three.

Sometimes, primary school pupils sent home from their schools because of non-payment of fees are brought by their parents so that there would be no vacuum in their academic lives. I collect N20 daily for each child and the lesson hours are between 8a.m. and 1p.m.”

“I had been working alone all the years, with regular assistance from my husband and a few elderly women staying within and around the lesson.
“Whenever I wanted to move round to pick children from their homes, my husband would stay with the ones already in class. Same would happen in the afternoon until the last child had been taken home.

Whenever he was busy in the shop where he works as a lotto agent, the women who were like my in-laws would assist me.
“The woman who did this evil work (kidnapping) had been coming when I was still pregnant with the 14-month-old baby I am nursing. She kept pestering me that she wanted
to work with me but I told her that I did not need assistance.

“About a month after I resumed work, having spent 41 days at home after delivery, she came again and I still insisted that I did not need an assistant. She told me that she wanted to leave where she was working because she was being owed salary. I replied that I would not a similar situation to occur in our relationship because the children were enough to take care of my own needs.

“I told her that I would like to inform my husband which I did by calling him.But he could not come because he was busy in his office. The woman told me she would come back the following day. The following morning, when I got to the lesson, at a little after 8a.m., I met the woman waiting for me.
“Shortly after, my husband came and saw her too. I said I would be paying her N3,000 monthly and she agreed. My husband left for his office and I decided to make the rounds to pick my pupils.
“I went the first round to pick the children and I met the lady on my return. I went the second round and still met her. Even some parents who brought their children themselves saw her.

“It was on my return after the third round that she was no longer around. I also noticed that one of the children, Abdusalam, was missing. I shouted and the elderly women around came. I quickly called my husband on the phone and he came. I met one of the parents who just brought her child in and she said she did not meet anyone.
That was how we noticed that Abigail, Samson, Chidiebere and Onyiyechukwu were also missing. The last two children are siblings Samson, who is three years old later walked back to us.” When asked if she could identify the woman, Mrs Olatunbosun replied that she could.

Crime Reports learnt that the Idi Omo neighbourhood was immediately thrown into confusion as residents, especially the youths and parents of the missing pupils, started searching for the woman and the children. The mother of two of the missing children who are sisters was reported to have collapsed immediately and had since been on admission. The older of her two kids is three .
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News: 11 Unijos Students shot during protests ,School shut down!(photo)

On Tuesday November 25th, Security agents in Plateau state shot at protesting students of the University of Jos, injuring 11 protesters who were publicly challenging an alleged increment in school fees.
The Student Union Government (SUG) Public Relations Officer Longgun Dakwon confirmed the action of the military.

He told Daily Trust
“I narrowly escaped, the military came into our classes and shot some of us while some were arrested and now the school authority is asking us to vacate our hostel when some of us have only N30,” However, STF (Special Task force) spokesperson, Captain Ikedichi Iweha denied allegations that the military was responsible for the shooting.He said
“There were other security agents there and there was a shooting in which four students were injured. However the shooting was not carried out by STF.

On the first day of the protest, the students poured water on us and stoned us but we exercise restrain. Today there was need for reinforcements so other security agents had to join.”
“the school property is under threat because they have allowed miscreants to hijack the protest, four of our men were injured during the protest yet we exercised restrain, their protest should be within the bounds of law. The school management asked students to vacate their hostels.

“In order to avoid further escalation of the situation, the management met this morning decided that the school be closed down until further notice. Students are therefore directed to vacate their hostels.”A statement signed by the University Registrar, Mr. Jilli Dandam, read
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